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Our History

We have provided high-quality services to clients on significant, technically sophisticated and challenging projects worldwide for over 40 years.

Start in Los Angeles - Glenwood L. Garvey began his career providing master planning, A/E design, systems engineering and project management services in the systems engineering division of one of the world’s largest multi-national engineering and construction companies; and subsequently to his leading two professional planning and design firms and one technology company in Los Angeles.

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Move to Idaho – Since relocating to Idaho, Mr. Garvey has focused on positioning GLG Associates as a firm that, with its leadership team and strategic associates, would continue to provide consulting services both in the US and worldwide; as well as provide support of agri-business and other types of project opportunities typical in Idaho and surrounding states. GLG Associates is currently working on infrastructure and large-scale international development projects, two with estimated construction values of more than $1 billion US.

Large Farm Pipeline and Pump Station Modernization underway for 7,000 acre farm in eastern Oregon. Shown is a new Pump Station Manifold fabrication and extension of pipeline through an existing electrical substation. Pump Station on Snake River designed for 50,000 gpm; modernization of farm irrigation system involved the cleaning, repair and mortar lining of a 36"-48" diameter, 7-mile pipeline along with re-building of a Booster Pump Station and other improvements to the Farm's irrigation system..

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