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(Above) Agri-Business Proposal, ID. (Below) Concept Design for MixedUse High-Rise Project, Phoenix, AZ.


Pre-Contract Engineering

■ Technical and Financial Proposals

   - Project Understanding

   - Scope of Services

   - Team Building/Manpower Planning

   - Budgeting and Scheduling

■ Communications

   - LOI and Q&E Submittals

   - Proposal Submittals and Presentations

Planning and Design

■ Data Collection

■ Site Evaluations

   - Environmental/Geotechnical

   - Access

   - Governmental Reviews/Approvals

   - Other Considerations (e.g. Security)

■ Program Review/Development

■ Master Planning

   - Generation of Reasonable Plan Alternatives

   - Selection of Preferred Approach

   - Documentation

■ Concept/Schematic Design

   - Management of Design Team

   - Generate Concept Design Alternatives

   - Conduct Client Reviews

   - Finalize Client Selected Design

■ Complete/Submit Schematic Design

Research & Development

■ Market Research & Opportunities Review

■ Design Studies

   - Prototyping

   - Administer Beta/Field-Testing

   - Incorporate Field-Test Results

■ Market Entry/Business Planning Studies

Project Management (PM/CM Services)

■ Project Management for All Projects

   - Effective Project Communications

   - Coordination of Work Efforts/Reviews

   - Schedule and Cost Control

   - Progress Reporting

   - PM Services during DD & Final Design

   - PM Pre-Construction Administration

   - QA Services during Construction

   - Project Closeout

■ Project Management Services for:

   - Agri-Business Irrigation Systems 

     (Pipelines/Pump Stations)

   - Infrastructure/Energy Sector Projects

     (Oil & Gas Refineries and Wind &

     Thermal Energy Systems)

   - Investment/RE Development

     (including for Tenant Improvements and

     Redevelopment Projects) 


(Left) Fabrication of SCR Prototypes for Field-Testing with Major Oil Companies. (Right) Proposal to U.S. Dept. of Interior, BLM for a 10-State Program.

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