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Sizes and Types

■ All Sizes and Most Types of Facilities and 


■ Owner/User Office, Research and Industrial


■ Mixed-Use Real Estate Development, 

   including Redevelopment projects, and Tenant         Improvements.

■ Institutional and Public Works Projects.


(Above) Pipeline Preparation/Installation Diagram, Ephraim Tunnel, UT. (Below) Conceptual Master Plan, Design for Seaview New Community, Oman



■ In US and worldwide; prior experience includes         work in 36-countries internationally.

■ Travel as needed, including extended travel 

   and previously in some cases to relatively 

   remote locations.

■ Adherence to customs, culture and laws on

   international assignments.

■ Form In-Country Associations based on project         requirements and/or other opportunities of 

   benefit to the project and team.



Team Building  - Emphasis on Team Building; either to Lead or Support Projects, including with Client Team Staff and Consultants.


Quality Service - Highest and Best Practices for all Projects/Clients regardless of size, type and/or location.


High-Standards - Use of Appropriate High Standards for planning and design regardless of project functional, timing and budget requirements.


Opportunities for Innovation - Identifying, considering, evaluating the cost-benefits and/or other advantages of new approaches and technology.


Success Shared by All - All team members are credited with success regardless of seniority, professional discipline or support role.


(Left) Re-Organization Chart for CEBU Wind Energy Project, Philippines. (Above) Pipeline Installation at 1.5 mile Epharim Tunnel, UT.

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